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Background of Extraincorporeal Fertilization Center

“IVF” was established by team of experienced specialists focusing in treatment of sterility on the basis of City Reproduction Center, Almaty, 1995.

The very first stage on implementation of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) in Kazakhstan started when special medical institution - City Human Reproduction Center (CHRC) was established in 1987 focusing on problems of sterile marriage. Jussubaliyeva Tamara Muphtakhovna was appointed as a head doctor.

Team of specialists was brought together and activities on establishment of modern medical center had begun. The main purpose of the center was providing high quality medical assistance to married couples having reproductive system disorders and sterility.

Artificial insemination with donor sperm for treatment of sterile married couples was first implemented in 1988. This method of treatment was implemented by famous doctors - Tuseyeva Klara Husainovna (specialized in sterility treatment), Kuttukov Kairat Touletaevich (urologist-andrologist) and Baikoshkarova Saltanat Berdenovna (laboratory doctor). At that time only native sperm was used and after one year sperm bank was implemented and it became possible to cryopreserve the sperm.

At the same time in leading centers of Russia and other countries, assisted reproductive technologies were being successfully implemented. After the contact with specialists from Russia and other countries was set, preparatory works on establishment of Extracorporeal Fertilization Laboratory (ECFL) at the territory of CHRC had begun. Professor A. G. Khomasuridze, the director of Zhordania Institute of Human Reproduction was the first to reply and help in 1993.

The crucial point was achieved while conference dedicated to problems of sterility which was held on the basis of RSRC MCHP and round table at CHRC, March 21, 1995. ZDANOVSKI Valeri Mstislavovich – Professor of Moscow IVF Center attended the conference and visited our center. He suggested the possibility of establishment of IVF Laboratory in our center and agreed to send experts and hold trainings for our stuff.

After inspection by licensing committee (Medical Administration) was held on September 25, 1995, our Center obtained the license for implementation of extracorporeal fertilization method. Since then preparatory activities for establishment of IVF Laboratory had begun. We used all resources available - our doctors Raimbekova G.H. and Rubashina T.P. had prepared 20 patients before the arrival of experts from Moscow. Professor Zdanovski V.M. and famous Russian embryologist HILKEVICH Lyudmila Viktorovna had been working for one month in our Center.

We were having a hard time then. Though our IVF Laboratory was far from being perfect and as we see now it did not meet any standards required, the first successful pregnancy was achieved due to great experience of Professor Zdanovski V.M. and embryologist – Hilkevich L.V. That time 34 years old patient who had being having sterility (endocrine form of sterility) for 7 years finally became pregnant. Two embryos were transferred then. While US-diagnostics, it was determined that patient was having twins but after follow-up only one fetus left. While pregnancy course there were no complications and a girl with weight of 2.8 kg was born (cesarean section was used).

At that time IVF delivery was permitted only with cesarean section. The first child “in vitro” was born in Kazakhstan less than a year after the first extracorporeal fertilization laboratory (City Human Reproduction Center, Almaty) was established. Then it was the only and first Center suchlike in Kazakhstan.

The effectiveness of the program during the first year was equal to 5-10 %. The second pregnancy was possible three months after the first – twins were born on October 15, 1996. After that we started fast implementation of all new and available in the world and related to VRT.

The first specialists who contributed to development of IVF in Kazakhstan were: POLUMISKOV Vadim Evgenievich, BADELBAYEVA Lyudmila Arkadievna, SADYKOV Askhat Saberdzhanovich; embryologists – BATYRHANOV Markhabat Serikbayevich, KORYAVTSEVA Irina Sergeyevna, LIVINOVA Aleksandra Evgenievna and other specialists.

In 1996 we became a member of Russian Association of Human Reproduction (RAHR) which is leaded by its President - Professor KORSAK Vladislav Stanislavovich. This membership laid the foundation for excellent and effective cooperation. Development of VRT in Kazakhstan was due to active support provided by key scientists of reproductive medicine of Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Finland, Israel and Belgium.

Doctors of our center passed trainings in leading clinics worldwide. Foreign experts were invited for purposes of education of our specialists at the working place. Professor L.A. Levkov (Sweden), Dr. A.Rybushkin (Belgium), Professor O.A. Vorobieva (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) worked in our Center for many times. We always remember our good colleagues: President of Russian Association of Human Reproduction and ECF pioneer of USSR – Professor V.S. Korsak; Professor B.V. Leonova; Deputy Director of the Russian Research Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology - Professor L.N. Kurmicheva; Professor A.I. Nikitina (Saint-petersburg, Russia); Professors V.F. Dahno and V.D. Zukina (Ukraine). We were never alone with our problems and started implementing all the new that was available.

In 2008, Institute of Reproductive Medicine as well as department of reproductive technologies were established for purposes of education of RM specialists and holding scientific research in Kazakhstan. 15 years ago there were only 7 employees working in ECF Center. Now there are more than a hundred of qualified specialists at Institute of Reproductive Medicine and only 40 of them are doctors. Scientific research was held at the same time. This research was the foundation for the first Candidate’s dissertations and DPhills in our country.

In 2005, Director of IVF Center – Lokshin Vyacheslav Notanovich defended DPhill with success on the following “Scientific foundation of modern organizational forms of reproductive women’s health (based on Republic of Kazakhstan materials)”. This dissertation was defended in Saint – Petersburg, Russia. That was the first dissertation on implementation of ART by specialist of our country and it still remains the single one has ever been defended.

Later V.I. Polumiskova (2006) and I.K. Karibayeva (2009) also defended Candidate’s dissertations under the directions of V.N. Lokshin. Almost all doctors and embryologists are conducting the research so as a result about 50 research papers are published annually. In 2005 we published monograph on the following “Sterility and assisted reproductive technologies”. Today doctors of the Center appear as advisors while holding trainings.

It is very important that specialists of the Center get regular practice and improve their professional skills. Most of our specialists pass trainings in the best centers of Russia, Germany, Israel, France and Japan. We are able to provide effective treatment for severe forms of male sterility; manipulative method (ICSI) as well as surgical one; cryopreservation of male cells and embryos; donorship of sex cells; surrogate maternity. Programs on modified natural cycles are also implemented successfully. The most outstanding achievement of the last few years is considered to be the preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). This diagnosis allows evaluating the chromotype of embryo before the embryo is placed into uterus. Such method also helps to place the healthy embryo if there are any risks of hereditary pathology detected.

Due to regular implementation of new technologies, modern equipment and advanced trainings, the effectiveness of programs increases even more. At the moment the possibility of getting pregnant is more than 40%. Equipping level of Laboratory allows competing with the leading European centers and the range of services provided expands every year. Today our ECF Center consists of/provides: consultations for women, polyclinic, operative gynecology hospital,
laparascopic center and obstetric division.

While holding international conference dedicated to reproductive medicine in 2008, all ECF centers of Kazakhstan made a decision on establishment of Kazakh Association of Reproductive Medicine. Such a decision was timely and necessary. M.D., Director of IVF Center - Lokshin Vyacheslav Notanovich was appointed to the position of President of Kazakh Association of Reproductive Medicine. Association actively cooperates with Russian and Ukrainian Associations of Reproductive Medicine now. Kazakh Association of Reproductive Medicine became a member of ESHRE in 2009.

Development of normative documents, participation in lawmaking, conferences, trainings and publishing of “Journal of Reproductive Medicine” – all together are the way to success.

IVF Center has one good tradition –to invite for a visit all children who were born with help of ART and our specialists. On June 1st we celebrated 15th anniversary of ECF Center so we asked children to come. More than 500 children visited “Bakhshisarai Hall of Feasts” to congratulate our Center.

We are proud to inform you that citizens of Kazakhstan now have a chance to get high quality treatment here in Almaty – IVF Center. There is no need to go abroad for getting treated there. In fact many patients are coming from far and near abroad countries to get treatment.

In 2008, interviewing of residents of RK under the name “Choice of the year” was held. Then our Center was awarded with following certificate – “Center № 1 in treatment of sterility”.

Due to state policy on improvement of demographic development, treatment of sterility becomes more and more important issue. Concepts of demographic policy and strengthening of families in RK 2010-2020 define general principles, goals, aims, mechanisms and actions directed to improvement of demographic situation all round the country.

According to Conception, the expected results shall be the increase of quantity and share of the families who have three and more children.

Since the moment of establishment of the Center and due to its existence (15 years period), about 5000 children were born in vitro – new citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

We help our patients to become parents and assist in solving demographic problem of Kazakhstan by implementing of modern methods in treatment of sterility. We use modern and reliable medical technologies as well as experience of our specialists to provide best services.

We also use up-to-the-minute medical inventions. We wish patient’s history is replaced with “history of good health” soon. Always remember that good health is the superior importance of the modern world!

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